Dave Piper cutting sandal soles with Hand sole cutter                                                                                                     

Jon Piper hammers sandals

Ama (Robins mom), Penelope & Robin

Robin cutting sandal straps by hand

Robin Tada!


 The Original syle and the Slip On style     

Robin Burnishing

                                                            Robin teaches Penelope her first day sandal making 2007  




Dave talks to customers

Jon Piper finishes the edge on another Sandal

Door open day


        Good Ol' Rumor She was the best

Robin stamping our name in Piper sandals


Robert, his dog Piper, Penelope & Robin


    Robert making sandals fast 


      Our Robin 2008


        Color Piper Sandals


Robin uses the clicker


Robert in front of a very clean canopy

Dave & Robert 2008



     Sews all the sandals





 rowdy Robin


Piper sandal shop 1998

               Robert & Robin busy May 2007









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