dave wearing the Original style

My old feet just keep on walking although I will be 73 in April. I have had heart disease
that has stayed the same for fourteen years thanks to twelve pills a day. However, on Sunday Jan. 28 this old heart tried to kill me. Still kind of a mystery as to what caused my blood pressure to drop so low my cardiologist thought for the first two hours in the ER, I would die. Well, he and I both were very much against that. So, he pulled me back and then a ten day stay in the hospital. I have been home since Feb 8 and getting stronger. May be a long process to get back to my old normal. I may need a valve rebuild or perhaps a heart transplant in the future. In this town you can make the list up till age 75. Seventy in some places. My son Jon is doing all of the sandal work and will be traveling to shows this year and I will go with him when I can. Our first show is the Spring Bayou City Arts Festival in Memorial Park in Houston March 23-25 in booth #302. Next will be The Woodlands April 7-8 and then two in a row in San Antonio. Fiesta Arts Festival at Southwest School of Art on April 21-22 and then The King William Show April 28. I was rejected from Fort Worth Main Street Arts Fest this year after 27 out of 28 years. Still wish we had it. But I don’t know if we could have done it this year anyway. I notice they accepted six leather booths and three make purses and three make journals. Really, half are journal makers. Next will be Cottonwood Arts Festival in Richardson on May 5-6. I have never done that show before but I have heard real good things about it.

Had total pro rebuild our web site last year and web sales dropped by 66% for the year. Cannot be the new sight. The new sight is wonderful but I must get or web site back to selling at least a third of our sales each year. I sure need to get a lot more web orders as well as more sales at shows. I sure hope our customers still love us.

Walk Well,

Dave Piper