Foot Tattoo

My old feet just keep on walking although I will be 73 in April. I have had heart disease that has stayed the same for fourteen years thanks to twelve pills a day. However, on Sunday Jan. 28 this old heart tried to kill me. Still kind of a mystery as to what caused my [...]

Foot Tattoo2018-03-02T00:18:25+06:00

It is almost 2018…

I have not added anything to our Blog Spot and should do that more. We are taking it a little slow here in the winter time months and the easy days are pretty nice. We continue to get online orders this time of year and fill them quickly. Since it is winter here in San [...]

It is almost 2018…2017-12-15T12:21:14+06:00

Polished Sandals

Today is Saturday, January 7, 2017 I polished my sandals today and I think they look pretty good especially since I only own this one pair of sandals and own no shoes. I hate shoes and do not have any. I made this pair of sandals for myself on October 22, 2013 and have worn [...]

Polished Sandals2017-01-10T09:57:33+06:00
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