I have not added anything to our Blog Spot and should do that more.

We are taking it a little slow here in the winter time months and the easy days are pretty nice. We continue to get online orders this time of year and fill them quickly. Since it is winter here in San Antonio, it is summer in Australia. Orders come in from Australia about every three days during our winter and it gets some groceries as well as some raw materials for us to at least work most of the day each day in the shop.

The biggest news around here is that my grand daughter Penelope Piper, my son’s daughter had her thirteenth birthday on Dec. 9 just past and my how time flies. I used to teach public school and make our sandals on the side till 1990 when I went into the shop full time. I taught all three levels of school but mostly middle school. Penelope is now in the seventh grade and still honor roll every time and lord knows middle school is the weirdest time in a human life. She is handling it all with grace and class and a real commitment to her education has a million friends and is always a pleasure to be around just like her dad has always been.

My mother has been living here at my house the last fifteen years or so and in October turned 98. I ask her if she was going to live forever and she said she was afraid of that. Her brain is still perfect and at 98, that is a real blessing. I ask her that day if I should just smother her with her pillow and she just patted my arm and said “Whatever you think’s best Dave”. I think she will make it to 100 at least. That will be pretty cool.

We have begun to do a very small portion of Wholesale to stores. A small store in the Los Angeles area has been having success with our sandals. A business man in Dubai, UAE hopes to put our sandals in an area of one of the major stores there in Dubai by spring. We will see if that happens. We are extremely limited as to letting a store sell our sandals. They must meet our way of doing business. My son Jon says at age 72 I should travel to shows less and sell to a few stores. We will see. I still love doing the arts festivals and getting to tell my stories to the people as they get their feet into our sandals. However, I feel great but it really is not the same level of great as when I was much younger. I embrace aging since there is no other smart way to deal with it. I look back and realize that I have always had a golden life and will continue to live life at the top everyday.

We are hoping to be invited to every show we have entered for the spring, summer and fall. We always get accepted way better than the average bear but we still worry if they still love us. Well, on that note let me wrap this up by saying we sure do still love all of you and never forget, we believe that we make a great sandal and rebuild it when it wears out and you folks seem to agree.
Walk Well and Good night,