Thank You, sincerely

Thank You Everyone for such great letters!  And all the wonderful pictures from around the world!!!  After a long day in the shop they always make our day.

Many Thanks from All of Us at Piper Sandals

You can also walk the world in Ankle Tie sandals

Piper Sandals in Ecuador 2014
resole services testimony for two 15 year old pairs, the tan pair is just 11.


piper sandals in Port Aransas Texas
piper sandals in Perth Australia
piper-sandals at the the great wall of China


men's handmade Sandals in Namibia, thank you Kristopher
men's handmade Sandals in Namibia, thank you Kristopher
piper sandals in Venice Italy on a gondola
piper sandals at the Grand Canyon

New York City

piper sandals Imagine New York City
piper sandals in Greece

Santorini, Greece

piper sandals over Santorini Greece

Mostly Walking India 🙂

Piper Sandals flying a 747

piper sandals flying a 747


men's handmade Sandals, Chris in Hawaii

Mekong River, China

piper sandal on the Mekong River in Vietnam

Coming to Jesus

and Arizona

piper sandals observe originals Arizona

San Antonio River, Texas

piper sandals biking the san antonio river in Texas

Paris, France

piper sandals disney Paris France
piper sandals Arch national park Utah

when in Rome …

piper sandals in rome


piper sandals in Kauai Hawaii

Josef, he’s wearing Jesus Sandals!

Can use smell those flowers???

Getting Married in Hawaii

White Sands, New Mexico

piper sandals white sands New Mexico

The Great Wall of China

piper sandals the great wall of China
piper sandals in taipei taiwan

Back in New York City

piper sandals in NYC

Over Chicago

Penang, Malaysia

piper sandals in Penang Malaysia


piper sandals in Florida

in Key West

piper sandals in key west Florida

Paragliding in Cyprus

piper sandals paragliding north Cyprus

In the Serengeti