Handmade Leather Sandals

Piper Sandals is a small Family Business.

Our Handmade Leather Sandals Are
Guaranteed to Fit, Feel Good,
And Last A Long Time!

They are Crafted the Old World Way …
One At A Time!

     Just Call Dave’s Cell Anytime: 210-386-8857


We Replace Piper Sandal Straps for FREE, even if your dog eats them!

We Offer Resole Services!
For Custom Sizes and Color Combinations,
Lifts, Wegdes & Special Needs Sandals
“Call Dave” 210-386-8857

Proudly Presenting Piper Sandals

Fastened With One Fully Adjustable Strap

sandal strap is fully adjustable

Takes Your Foot Print in a few Weeks

a sandal that takes your foot print

For Strap Replacement or Resole Services, enclose a check for the work and or postage or call with a credit card BEFORE you mail the sandals and enclose your address and a way to contact you.

Handmade Leather Sandals

crafted for over 45 years

brown handmade leather sandals original style
black handmade leather sandals original style

Choose Your Style & Color

The Original with the heal strap or The Slip On, both styles feature a One Piece Fully Adjustable Strap

Color Combinations | White or Two Tone Sole | Ankle Straps

Adjusting your new Ankle Tie Piper sandals

1/2" wide strap on original style, available in larger sizes

1/2″ Wide Strap

Available in large Sizes

10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

No Better Function, Just Different Look

1/2" wide strap on larger size Slip On

Simply mention at checkout!

We Are 3rd Generation Sandal Makers

Our handmade leather sandals are constructed in the USA since 1971.

All but the buckle is American made in these sandals. We use only top quality cowhide leather from an American tannery.
Our handcrafted leather sandals are constructed with arch support as well as an orthopedic inner sole designed to take your footprint in a few weeks of wear; and a durable, lightweight Vibram rubber sole.

Piper sandals feature a one piece fully adjustable sandal strap which allows for a perfect fit on any foot.

All of our sandals are hand made by the Piper Family. Penelope (future owner) age 12 helps with customer correspondence and brochure requests.

Our Shop is located in San Antonio, Texas.

how our sandals are made.

You can find us at Fine Art Shows during the year.

A little over 60,000 pairs
Walk This World

Our Resole Services

Keep you walking well ….

old pair in for a resole
resoled sandals as good as new

Walking Well!

I saw a mother and daughter having breakfast and noticed their matching sandals. Intrigued, I asked them. Mom, well into her sixties, has had her Piper Sandals for 17 years, “my daughter is ‘a newbie’ only had her’s for 4 years” she proclaimed.
Needless to say, I am walking well in them now.

And yes, I normally wear a women’s 7.5, I ordered a 6 and they are perfect, the strap adjusts easily. A month in the footbed is well formed and I love them.


And They Have
Walked The World!