Piper Sandals
American Made Sandals

This is the machine we use to sew your American made sandals together. Built in Saint Louis, MO in 1937. It is an American Straight Needle Machine. The company has not existed since the early 60’s. What a concept.

A machine shop in Europe still makes parts for this machine and sells them to a man in Boston who sells them to me. My attic always has about $1500 worth of new moving parts for this machine so my son and Penelope (my son’s daughter… my grandaughter) will be able to sew on this machine the rest of their lives as well as a few more generations of Pipers. At the bottom right of this photo is the green foot of our other identical machine we call The New One since it was built in 1939. Just in case we ever need a spare.

Still making them in my garage here in San Antonio, TX with my son, Jon, who lives next door, my granddaughter Penelope is the lovely voice you’ll hear on the answer machine.

The tools we use are from the 30’s to the 60’s.  They are slow and correct and do not fit the modern demand for fast and almost right.  Using a few old machines, a couple of new ones and many old hand tools, our products are made the Old World Way … One at a Time.

sandal forms in our shop
sandal maker sewing machine
sandal maker shop shelves
sandal maker equipment
sandal makers shop glue table
sandal maker tool strap