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The Original Style is the sandal we have hand made for over 30 years. We describe them as the “old hippie Sandal”… just with comfort and Quality in mind. A lot of our customers tell us, “People call them my Jesus sandals”. Since this type of style must be older than ancient Greece. We just call them

The Original.

This Leather sandal style features a 3/8″ one piece fully adjustable strap, a foam inner sole made to conform to your footprint within a week of wear, a good arch support and a 1/2″ black Vibram rubber sole.

Piper Sandals - brown handmade leather sandals

7 Colors in 14 Sizes

Fasten the fully adjustable sandal strap

adjustable sandal
How To Fasten The One Piece Adjustable Strap on the Original Style Sandal
dave wearing the Original style
Women's handmade leather sandals

The Original style is great for every type of wear, walking or hiking.

At age 37 Dave ran 10,000 meters in 36 minutes wearing his sandals. But, you don’t have to wear them that fast.

You will find them to fit, feel good and last a long time.

We do guarantee.

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also 1/2” wide strap available on Large sizes

10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Only

No Better Function, Just Different Look

wide straps - 1/2 inch straps on Original style sandals